ASCON provides advisory and consultancy services in a vast array of fields that include corporate, accounting, fiscal, tax, and partnerships, in addition to personnel and human resources management.

has specialized in the organization of new industrial, commercial and service enterprises, and is prepared to march with a new company from the moment of its conception through its organization, structuring, preparation of procedures and processes, to assure it achieves sucessful development and operation.

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ASCON was established in the city of São José dos Campos, state of São Paulo, in 1989, and its present operations are extended to clients from all over the Paraiba Valley, the city of São Paulo, Campinas and surrounding areas. ASCON today attends to the needs of national and international clients from different segments.

To attend to a great number of international client companies, ASCON has specialized in international operations, importing, special structured customs procedures, costs, company systematization, company structuring and restructuring, always focused on keeping our client’s business in a risk-free environment and enhancing company’s adherence to the Brazilian laws and regulations that govern businesses in the country.

Our team at ASCON is comprised of 90 professionals that include lawyers, accountants, administrators, economists and technicians. Our goal is to provide risk-free quality information and services to our clients centered on the correct application of the law and regulations.

In addition to assisting the accounting, fiscal, tax, personnel and corporate departments of our client companies, ASCON also offers training sessions as part of our Service Contract to assure our clients are better prepared for their business routines.

Participe de nossos treinamentos! A LOT HAS CHANGED SINCE ASCON WAS CREATED
ASCON - 1989 - 2016.
ASCON is located in its own 1,000m2 building that is equipped with a modern technical library that carries the latest publications in Accounting, Tax, Fiscal, Labor and Law fields, providing our professionals with the most recent doctrines and laws in our area of expertise.

ASCON is also equipped with an auditorium where training sessions and lectures are given to our team and to our clients, an initiative that provides instant and effective orientation that strive to create a working environment free of procedural errors.




To create a working environment free of procedural errors for our client’s business, ASCON provides instant and effective orientation through a continuous cycle of courses and lectures held in our auditorium. ASCON carries a program of monthly training sessions available to all our clients and their administrative employees.

Participe de nossos treinamentos!OBJECTIVE
The objective of these trainings is to prepare managers and employees for the administration routines that impact their accounting, fiscal, tax, and personnel management procedures, and for the procedures that are subject to our tax laws and regulations. Trainings and lectures are usually carried out at ASCON’s facilities.

Participe de nossos treinamentos!APPLICATION / RESERVATION
Application or reservation for any of the trainings shall be made up to five days before the training is scheduled to start, by e-mail ( and/or by telephone (12.3934-1211), and acceptance is subject to a limited number of participants. Cancellations must be communicated no later than 48 hours from start of training. Because the number of participants is limited, we kindly ask that reservations be made only after participation can be assured.

Below is a survey of the topics covered in some of our lectures:

Participe de nossos treinamentos!FORMATION OF SALES PRICE
This lecture is intended for companies that sell products or services. It covers a practical, effective and safe approach to assign prices to the company’s deals (product x services). It is recommended for starting businesses and for companies interested in reviewing their pricing methodology and become more competitive in the market.
(Duration: 8 hours)

Participe de nossos treinamentos!COSTS & FORMATION OF SALES PRICE
This lecture is intended for companies that have industrial activities and related procedures, and provides a financial vision of the manufacturing process for a better understanding of the costing processes so that manufacturing costs can be determined for products. This training considers all the operations regarding raw materials and inputs, product structures, manufacturing orders, absorption costing, inventory valuation and of work in progress. It consists of a very objective look at sales prices, exclusively for industries.
(Duration: 8 hours)

Participe de nossos treinamentos!LABOR RELATIONS (Focused on Labor Law)
In view of the complexity of Brazilian labor laws, this lecture is designed exclusively for company managers and owners. Using a direct and concise approach, this lecture presents the effects of an employment contract, dismissal with cause, legal leaves of absence, absences, and their impacts, orientating managers and owners to prevent legal claims and issues arising out of inspections by the labor authorities.
(Duration: 8 hours)

Participe de nossos treinamentos!CASH BOOK & CASH FLOW PROJECTION
This is considered to be the most important lecture for any well-informed entrepreneur. It is intended to provide an understanding of the importance of the required Cash Book, and includes examples of problems and proposed solutions, and a correlation between the Cash Book, the Inventory, and the Purchase x Sales x Income relation.
(Duration: 8 hours)

This training is intended for all the individuals related with invoicing activities in the client company. The training exhaustively covers the details and legal foundations of the most usual operations regarding ICMS and IPI taxes and the ISSQN social contribution. The course is focused on providing a practical and consistent understanding of the procedures, empowering participants to do invoicing operations in the company and to effectively understand all the technical considerations issued by ASCON’s departments.
The course is divided in theory (35%) and practice (65%) and participants will be able to fully understand company operations and develop techniques to visualize and to structure operations with a simplified approach.
(Duration: 8 hours)

Participe de nossos treinamentos!ELECTRONIC INVOICE (NF-e) AND SPED
As soon as SPED (Public Digital Bookkeeping System) became a mandatory item for Brazilian companies, ASCON organized a training to provide a full understanding of this fiscal and technological revolution that greatly impacts the life of any company. This is a development of the Invoicing training, and is focused on the implementation and technical characteristics that ought to be observed in the companies, considering the system implemented in Brazil and the accessory requirements arising out of these digital documents.

The NF-e, the CTRC-e, the ECD, and the EFD are unified in SPED – and to understand the impact of these legal systems and their related procedures professionals must master the new rules.

Our focus in this training is to transmit to the participants all the rules and the operating and safety procedures for the everyday routine of any business, providing these professionals with the effective and objective knowledge for the job.
(Duration: 8 hours)

Participe de nossos treinamentos!SPED ECD & EFD (includes EFD PIS/CONFIS – Social Contributions)
This training is intended to provide participants with the knowledge required to understand where the information generated by the company is located after ECD and EFD (including EFD PIS COFINS) have been transferred. It also provides an understanding of the depth of the analyses and verifications conducted by the tax authorities and how to get the company ready for this new digital phase introduced by SPED.

Our training will dissect the structures of the files transmitted and follow the ERP implementation schedule in the companies that provide the basic data that generate the information imported by ASCON. Another objective is to promote the exchange of experiences and anticipate problems for which a solution has already been found in companies that have been operating the new system.
(Duration: 8 hours)

Participe de nossos treinamentos!INVENTORY
This training is intended for all professionals who work in the management and operation of a company’s warehouse, and offers an organized and result-driven approach for the fiscal and accounting requirements applied in Brazil.

This lecture introduces a physical inventory approach focused on the analysis of inventory adjustments and discrepancies.

Practical cases are analyzed to illustrate and introduce product structure, intermediate product control, byproducts, end products, inventory losses and inventory valuation (focused on absorption costing).
(Duration: 8 hours)

Participe de nossos treinamentos!ACCOUNTING FOR NON-ACCOUNTANTS
This training was developed for company managers and officers that need an objective and practical view of the reports issued by the accounting area as corporate monthly control tools.

This training presents the accounting structure through a simplified approach using the objective introduction of accounting concepts, focused on the treatment of the company reports issued monthly by ASCON as effective management tools.
(Duration: 16 hours)




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